Traffic Lights pidu UCNis

“A party FOR students, BY students!
The Ambassadors Event team of UCN proudly presents the first out of a series of different events. We’re all students, so we know what you like! To fullfill your socializing needs, we’re keeping the prices low and the guest number high. It is a party for both UCN and AAU students!

Single? Your place or mine? – Just pick up your free Green bracelet at the entrance and flash it off.
Taken? Access denied ! – Go for the Red one and have a blast with your friends.
Can be persuaded? – Buy me a drink then we’ll talk. Take the Yellow bracelet and just go with the flow.

“The traffic lights party” is all about mingling and socializing. Knowing who’s single and who’s not just makes it easier ;) You can shine on the dance floor, let loose with your friends, meet new people or just chill and enjoy the atmosphere – the mood is bouncy, relaxed and friendly. There will also be contests with prizes, and other surprises, so stay tuned!

What we provide: great music, a nice atmosphere, drinks, games, and of course – the colored bracelets.”


Selline oli siis ülivahva peo kirjeldus, millest ma osa võtsin. Palju tantsu, palju põnevust ja muidugi palju purjus inimesi. Selline oli siis Taani ülikooli pidu :)